LDocile Compressor Nebulizer Ldnb2320

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• German Technology
• Compact Design
• High Performance
• Reduced Noise Level
• Efficient Drug Delivery
• Modern, portable and for family use
• 5 Years warranty

• Powerful Performance & Silent
• Efficient delivery of the drug
• Lightweight, compact design and handy
• Carrying case
• Particles as fine as 5 um MMD, assuring optimum absorption even in the narrow branches of the lower airways


1 – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
• COPD is a life-threatening lung disease that interferes with normal breathing – it is more than a “smoker’s cough”.
• The primary cause of COPD is tobacco smoke (through tobacco use or second-hand smoke).
• COPD is not curable, but treatment can slow the progress of the disease.
• Daily activities, such as walking up a short of stairs or carrying a suitcase, can become very difficult as the condition gradually worsens
2 – Asthma
• It is a chronic disease affecting the air passages of the lungs which inflames and narrows them.
• The strongest risk factors for developing asthma are inhaled substances and particles that may provoke allergic reactions or irritate the airways.
• Medication can control asthma. Avoiding asthma triggers can also reduce the severity of asthma.

3- Respiratory Allergies
• They are allergic reactions caused by substances (allergens) to which allergic people have become sensitized.
• Allergens can be: pollen from trees and grasses, house dust mite, spores, pets, such as cats and dogs.
• Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is one of the most common allergies which affect the nose and eyes.
• Symptoms can be: itchy, runny or congested nose, sneezing. Also irritable airways, coughing, tight chest, wheezing, shortness of breath.

4 – Occupational Lung Diseases and Pulmonary Hypertension
• Pulmonary hypertension is a lung disorder characterized by a narrowing of the blood vessels in the lungs, increasing their blood pressure and causing the heart to work harder to transport blood into the lungs.
• This condition may co-exist and exacerbate a variety of lung diseases and can lead to heart failure.
• Occupational lung diseases are a board group of diagnoses caused by the inhalation of dusts, chemicals, or proteins.
• The severity of the disease is related to the material inhaled and the intensity and duration of the exposure. Even individuals who do not work in the industry can develop occupational disease through indirect exposure.

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