Porodo Lifestyle 4-in-1 IPL Hair Removal

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About the product

Porodo Multifunctional Hair Removal Device is an innovative beauty product. The epilator has the functions of hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne removal, and it adopts intelligent pulse light irradiation technology, which integrates multiple applications of optical technology in the field of health and beauty, and is one of the most professional and practical products in this field. 


Hair remover
Using strong pulses penetration directly into the hair follicles, which generates instantaneous high temperatures that cause damage to the hair follicles, to achieve the effect of hair removal.
Skin rejuvenation
For abnormal pigmentation or abnormal blood vessels of the skin, photorejuvenation therapy uses IPL (strong pulsed light) to improve skin elasticity and make the skin look younger. IPL technology promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin and makes the skin elastic.
Photodynamic therapy (PDT).
In the process of phototherapy for acne treatment, IPL is used as a light source to activate substances to shrink sebaceous glands.
Abnormal skin pigmentation
Intense pulsed light (IPL) has a great treatment effect on freckles and age spots, and results in less peeling, so you can apply makeup or wash your face on the day of treatment.
No pain at freezing point
The sensation of ice and hair removal go hand in hand, and enjoy the new ice sensation of painless hair removal.
9 speed power settings
Adjust the gear according to the condition of the skin and hair for safe and comfortable hair removal.
crystal display
You can enjoy salon-grade hair removal at home with a glance at the remaining light emission times through the digital display. 

Things that need attention

  • Pregnant women, under 11 years old, black moles and tattoos are not recommended to use the device.
  • Do not use tattoos, dark brown and black spots, as these parts may absorb a lot of light and cause skin discomfort.
  • It is forbidden to use it around the ear, neck, sensitive areas, and genitals (these parts of the skin are sensitive and subject to damage).
  • Do not stay in the same position for a long time, or emit light several times in one position, which may generate a lot of heat and make the skin uncomfortable.

Skin allergy test

If you are using this product for the first time, perform a skin allergy test according to the following requirements:
  • Operate the device according to the following steps.
  • Select first gear or second gear.
  • Operate the specified skin area according to the operating instructions and precautions.
  • 30 minutes after the skin test, check the skin reaction.
  • If the test site is normal, you can continue to use it. If there is anything abnormal, please stop using it.
Precise hair removal
The epilator is equipped with small round and square lamp heads, which can remove hair precisely from small parts such as fingers. 

Adverse reactions and treatment

All cosmetic methods may have certain risks, and this product may cause discomfort when used improperly.
  • Tingling sensation: If there is a tingling sensation, please lower the gear.
  • Slight burning sensation: You can use aloe vera gel or a towel to cool.
  • Burning smell: Make sure to shave before using the epilator.


  • The name of the product is Porodo Lifestyle 4 in 1 IPL Hair Removal
  • Porodo Lifestyle brand
  • Model No. PD-IPL41-WH
  • Light source power: 48 watts
  • Gears to adjust the power and intensity of the light: 9 gears
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