NEWYES Upgraded Multilingual Translation, Scan Reader Pen, 16GB Dictionary Mobile

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NEWYES Upgraded Scan Reader Pen, 16GB Dictionary Mobile Scanner Translator Scanning Pen, 112 Language OCR Digital Reader Pen Voice Translator Device, Text&Phonetic Multilingual Translation (Pen 3Pro)

NEWYES scan reader is a major technological breakthrough for  
* anyone with dyslexia, reading difficulties or any kind of learning disability 
* a reader who reads a lot of books and needs to look up the dictionary time to time
* listening to pronunciations or memorizing coursework
* studying a second language
* a student who needs to take a lot of notes from books
* doing international business
* improving work efficiency
* instant scanning of text
* those trying to read but with failing sight
Text-to-speech scanner - Simply select the language you would like to translate to, slide the pen over the paper printed text, and the translation will appear instantly where your cursor is blinking. And it can read out text aloud with a human-like digital voice.
Fast and high accuracy - NEWYES scan reader can recognize 3000 characters per minute, 0.5s fast translation speed and the accuracy rate is as high as 98%.
Multilingual device - This device supports 9 UI languages, 55 OCR languages, 112 text translation languages and 112 voice translation languages.
Time saver - It contains a high accuracy OCR that enables you to capture and save quotes and other text of interest instantly. Scan and transfer text to PC or Mac, directly via USB, with no additional software required.
Working helper - It can record audio to review later which helps people with limited working memory.
NEWYES scan reader features at a glance:
* Text to Speech
* Reading Pen
* Text Translation (112 languages)
* Voice translation (112 languages)
* Dictionary (Chinese to English, English to Chinese)
* Record conversations or meetings
* OCR - Printed text to editable text (55 languages)
* MP3 player
Tech Specs:
* Scans text size 5 - 22 pt
* Right and left-hand optimization
* Net weight: 78g / 0.17lb
* Product size: 32*150*13mm / 1.26*5.9*0.51in
* Screen size: 2.98inch
* Memory: 1GB (RAM) +8GB (ROM)
* Wifi / Bluetooth connection
* Support Bluetooth earphones
* High quality built-in speaker
* Battery capacity: 4.3V/1200mAh (Allows 4-5 hours of usage per charge)
* Way to charge: TYPE-C

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