Duo PinkFuscia Flowers Nail File

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Size - 2.5 inches

Reasons Why Bohemian Gifts Nail Files are Better?

✔ Each Bohemian Glass Nail file has a unique design, and they are individually hand-painted by our artists, which makes these beautiful nail files extra special.

✔ CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements is recognized as the world’s finest crystals, and we only use these best quality crystals for Bohemian Glass Nail files.

✔ Bohemian Glass Nail files use strong, tempered, high-quality glasses which are made in the Czech Republic, so they are wear-resistant and durable to maintain the same quality after use.

✔ Glass nail files never wear out and last for a long time

✔ Emery board nail files are made to be disposable, and metal-glass nail files will wear out by weather, temperature, and get rusted. However, Bohemian glass nail files will never wear-out under normal usage with no harsh materials.

✔ Avoid your nails from splitting, chipping, and peeling caused by using traditional files like emery board or metal files.

✔You can get salon-quality smooth and healthy nails with no jagged edges easily by Bohemian Glass Nail files.

✔ If you want to clean it, you can simply wash and rinse with soap and water, and dry it with a towel after wash

✔ The pointed edge designs provide you extra function to clean dirt under your nails.

✔ Each Bohemian glass nail file is a deluxe crystal nail file, you can use both sides on the files.

✔ If you use emery files back and forth can lead to breaking and peeling of your nails even though they look smooth, they are supposed to move in one direction. However, Bohemian glass nail files can be used in any direction.

✔ Bohemian Glass Nail files are in two sizes listed below, they are lightweight for less than an ounce and portable.

✔ You can bring them along with you on flight.

✔ Who doesn’t love a beautiful and practical gift decorated with shiny Swarovski crystals? This is a perfect gift for yourself, for your mom, girlfriend, besties, babies, or anyone around you as a gift. Whenever they use it, they would think of your kindness since these nail files last for a long time.

✔ Each purchase of Bohemian Glass Nail file comes with a free velvet pouch for protection.

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