Certified Manuka Honey | UMF 10+ | MGO 263 | 250g

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UMF +10 | MGO 263

Pure Manuka Monofloral Honey is extracted from the wild landscapes in New Zealand and is known for its potent and effective properties.

100% New Zealand Honey - Our honey is all collected, harvested, packaged and tested in New Zealand, and all our batches are separately tested, which means you can be absolutely sure that what you get is 100% authentic, as stated on the package.

UMF Certified - The Three Beez is the first and only Kuwaiti company to be a member of the UMF Organization; This means that our honey meets New Zealand grading standards.

The3Beez membership number in the UMF organization: 2986 ( Click here to Verify )

Wight 250g - Untreated, unheated, unpasteurized

Shipping Cost Local: Single Store Checkout - KD 2 Multi Store Checkout - First Store: KD 2, Second Store: KD 1, Third Store + Every Store After That: KD 0.500 International: Depends Upon Destination
Shipping Time Next Day

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