Air Pressure Eye Massager With Heat Compression

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UPGRADED 4 MODES - air pressure eye massager with heat compression constant temperature heating, multi-frequency vibration, bluetooth music, smart compression, long life, soft and comfortable, 180 degrees foldable; this portable eye massager is a great solution for migraine, eye fatigue, eye tension, dry eyes and a great tool for stress relief.


SMART BLUETOOTH MUSIC - The Smart Bluetooth Music Eye Massager has built-in speakers and preset relaxing music for a relaxing environment. You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth to play your own music list. Music can reduce anxiety, relax stress, and help you fall asleep.


THERMOSTATIC HEAT COMPRESSION FUNCTION - The eye massager with built-in heating pad provides a warm and comfortable temperature of 107.6°F, which can quickly feel the balanced heat and evenly heat the eyes to better relieve eye fatigue and eye fatigue, puffiness, dry eyes, etc.


180 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE PORTABLE DESIGN - Our rechargeable air pressure eye massager with heat compression comes with a storage pouch, and its 180° foldable makes it easy to store and carry, so you can take it with you to the office, plane, and travel. Plus, the headband can be easily resized to fit all teens and adults.


AIR PRESSURE MASSAGE AROUND THE EYES - The eye massager uses a unique 9D airbag design, the air pressure is even, and the massage is pressed against the eye area without pressing the eyeball.

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